A Woman - Lament for Hafiz al-Shirazi

Another image by ʿĀmir Rashād. 

This could be al-Bayātī's Goddess of Rebirth, ʿĀʾishah ("Living Woman"), or perhaps it could be the mysterious Persian beloved, Furūzandah, to whom he dedicated the "Lament." Furūzandah was a fellow student of his at the Dār al-Muʿallimīn al-ʿĀliyah (The Teachers College) in Baghdad during the late 1940s. He only spoke of her in a couple of interviews towards the end of his life, telling friends that she was the daughter of the Iranian Cultural Attache in Baghdad--and that he was smitten with her. He carried her memory with him until the year he died (1999), dedicating this collection to her in October, 1998.