Levi Thompson

Teacher / Researcher / Writer

My name is Levi Thompson, and I'm an Assistant Professor of Arabic at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

You can follow my past and current work here @ www.artsandadab.com, where I also frequently post interesting images I come across in my research on the image feed.

Find out more about me and my work at the following links:

Download my CV

Read my dissertation, titled Speaking Laterally: Transnational Poetics and the Rise of Modern Arabic and Persian Poetry in Iraq and Iran


Strange Bedfellows: The Crisis of Modernity in Najīb Maḥfūẓ's al-Qāhira al-Jadīda

A Transnational Approach to ʿAbd al-Wahhāb al-Bayātī's ʿUmar al-Khayyām, Transnational Literature

An Iraqi Poet and the Peace Partisans: Transnational Pacifism and the Poetry of Badr Shākir al-Sayyāb (forthcoming)

Book Chapters:

“Until A Shirt Blossoms Red: Proto-Third Worldism in Aḥmad Shāmlū’s Manifesto,” Persian Literatures as World Literature, Literatures as World Literature, ed. Thomas Oliver Beebee (New York: Bloomsbury). (In preparation.)

“Translating Tahrir: From Praxis to Theory with Tahrir Documents,” with Emily Drumsta and Elias Saba, The Routledge Handbook of Arabic Translation, eds. Sameh F. Hanna, Hanem El-Farahaty and Abdel Wahab Khalifa. (Forthcoming, Nov. 2018)

Book Reviews:

Tahia Abdel Nasser, Literary Autobiography and Arab National Struggles, Edinburgh Studies in Modern Arabic Literature Series (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2017). Middle Eastern Literatures. https://doi.org/10.1080/1475262X.2018.1492195.

Waed Athamneh, Modern Arabic Poetry: Revolution and Conflict (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 2017). Journal of Arabic Literature 48, no. 3 (2017): 340-344. 10.1163/1570064x-12341352.

Ikram Masmoudi, War and Occupation in Iraqi Fiction, Edinburgh Studies in Modern Arabic Literature Series (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2015). H-Levant, H-Net Reviews. May, 2017. http://www.h-net.org/reviews/showrev.php?id=49367.

Translations (selected):

“Until the Red Blossom of a Shirt (1950),” by Ahmad Shamlu, Purple Ink, Brown University. https://brown.edu/Research/poetry-in-translation/category/body/. (Persian)

"Badr Shakir al-Sayyab: The Poem and the Phoenix," Jadaliyya, 24 Dec. http://www.jadaliyya.com/pages/index/20361/badr-shakir-al-sayyab_the-poem-and-the-phoenixn. (Arabic)

"Badr Shakir al-Sayyab: Whorehouse," Jadaliyya, 2 June. http://www.jadaliyya.com/pages/index/17960/badr-shakir-al-sayyab_whorehouse.  (Arabic)

"Condoleezza Rice’s Piano by Sa‘dī Yūsuf," Transference, 1:1, Article 13.
http://scholarworks.wmich.edu/transference/vol1/iss1/13. (Arabic)

 Translations (unpublished)

Badr Shākir al-Sayyāb’s 1961 lecture “Commitment and Non-Commitment in Modern Arabic Literature,” given at the Rome Conference on Modern Arabic Literature

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